In this section, you’ll find frequently asked questions and a white paper about the basics of electropolishing. If you have additional questions, please do contact us.

question FAQ: Electropolishing Learn the difference between electropolishing and electroplating as well as how the electropolishing process works.
question FAQ: Working with NEE Learn answers to questions regarding the alloys we process to how to set up an account with our company.
question FAQ: Electropolishing Welds Learn answers to questions about the process we use to clean stainless steel welds and discoloration.
booklet Electropolishing Basics How Electropolishing enhances the surface of stainless steel parts.
booklet Application Note Solving the challenge of removing burrs from threaded stainless steel parts, such as bone screws, instruments, and medical devices.
booklet Application Note One challenge that came through our facility was quite interesting as it involved removing slag and discoloration, due to laser cutting, from the design features of a tube.