Many of the precision components and stainless steel parts that come through our facility for electropolishing need customized handling and packaging due to sensitive features such as points, sharp edges, or flanges. Larger metal parts, such as protective frames or cages, often require special crating in order to not become damaged during shipping or having the crate moved from one location to another by forklift.
As part of our going commitment to provide an efficient service to our customers, NEE provides specialized packaging in accordance with customer specifications.

NEE can easily handle the detailed packaging instructions you give us. These instructions can include any and all of the following:

  • Trays – How many parts to be packaged per tray, how the parts should be placed on the tray, and how many trays go into each box.
  • Protective coverings / tubes / caps – Sensitive parts, such as needles or stamped parts, may require the addition of protective tape or caps. Larger parts may need to have flanges protected.
  • Box packaging – How the trays should fit into the box and the type of packaging to be inserted around the trays to keep them from being damaged during shipping. Also, special box inserts that separate multiple finished parts.
  • Crate packaging – How larger parts should be bolted into a crate and the distance between each part.
  • Labels – Inside or outside or both plus exact label placement. NEE can print labels using customer-supplied information or use labels provided.
  • Skid loading – The number of boxes to be placed on a skid and any wrapping specifications.

High-volume parts our specialty

NEE packages all parts in-house using our trained staff. We can easily handle 40,000 to 80,000 parts or more that require specialty packaging. From precision components to bulk stainless steel electropolished orders – put our expertise to work for you.

The added benefit to NEE handling your packaging is we save you time and money, reduce waste, and minimize or eliminate damaged parts.

And, because we handle each part individually, you’re assured each part passes your QC inspection once you receive them.

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