New England Electropolishing has delivered high-quality electropolishing services since 1985. Customers rely on NEE for precise and consistent finish, from one part to 100,000.

Our team offers unrivaled expertise in electropolishing medical devices and assemblies, tailoring our precision processes to meet the unique needs of our medical, dental and pharmaceutical customers. With a specialization in stainless steel electropolishing, NEE can finish small components, tools, and tubes consistently – even with a quick turnaround. Our processes for medical device electropolishing and components are certified to ISO 13485:2016 and 9001:2015 quality standards, and our team will:

  • Work to exceed your expectations for service and quality, with specialized experience in electropolishing medical components industry.
  • Meet your deadline, even if it’s “yesterday.”
  • Provide high-quality, precision electropolishing of medical devices and parts, with controlled tolerances up to 0.0001-inches.
  • Electropolish medical devices and components from micro sizes to large vessels.
  • Customize packaging and shipping options, ensuring your electropolished medical device arrives ready to use in your application.

New England Electropolishing applies our more than three decades of electropolishing expertise to every order. Our team understands that electropolishing medical devices and surgical products requires the high quality, cleanliness, finish consistency and sharpness that other finishing processes cannot replicate. We collaborate with medical companies to ensure our medical device electropolishing services match your needs as well as compliance standards.

With quality certified processes we meet even the most specific tolerance, deburring, aesthetic, surface finish reading and corrosion resistance requirements, with a “can-do” approach that delivers the highest quality electropolishing of medical parts, including:

  • Surgical devices
  • Implants
  • Dental equipment
  • Drug dispensing device components
  • Arthroscopic, endoscopic and laparoscopic components
  • Medical and pharmaceutical equipment

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Electropolishing of Medical Devices with ElectroMatteTM

Only New England Electropolishing offers our unique, proprietary ElectroMatte process. With ElectroMatte, customers can achieve the same high-quality, precise finishing that standard electropolishing of medical devices delivers, with a less shiny finish. This process can be ideal for medical applications where device glare and reflection cause difficulties. Find out more about our ElectroMatte electropolishing of medical devices.