Why Process Validations Matter in Electropolishing

ISO 13485 validation electropolishingMeeting Performance Requirements for Medical Devices

When you are a finisher of medical devices, it is imperative to deliver goods of exacting, repeatable quality every time. (more…)

Family-Owned Electropolisher Delivers Metal Finishing with a Legacy

NEE-Family Owned Company_500pxlWe may be biased, but we like what this article in Forbes says about family-owned businesses: “ … in the popular zeitgeist, family-owned companies embody stability, longevity, and if nothing else, an ability to get along.” (more…)

How Much Will Electropolishing Improve the Surface Finish of My Part?

The Benefits of Improved Surface Finish

Ra and RMS are both representations of surface roughness. Ra is calculated as the roughness average of a surface’s measured microscopic peaks and valleys.  (more…)

What’s the Difference Between Electropolishing and Passivation?

How Do Electropolishing and Passivation Work?

Electropolishing small partsElectropolishing is an electrochemical process that performs a surface treatment, reducing surface roughness as it dissolves material from the surface of a metal part. (more…)