Flawless Stainless Steel Electropolishing Across Every Part, Every Time.

We are one of the few metal finishers in the U.S. to concentrate exclusively on precision stainless steel electropolishing. By keeping things simple like this, we are able to keep the focus on you and your needs:

electropolishing stainless steel service clock

Meeting your “yesterday” deadline

Tooling, tanks, and know-how ready to go

electropolishing quality badge

Delivering a precise finish consistently

Validated Removal Rate service for parts

electropolish customer face

Exceeding your

Customer service that doesn’t stop at 5:00 PM

star Get your sample part electropolished for free See how NEE can help you by sending us your sample part. We'll electropolish it and return it to you with a project quote and delivery schedule - no charge.
Luke Almeida VP NE Electropolishing

“Many of our customers are behind schedule before their parts hit our dock. Because we have the capacity, the expertise, and the flexibility, we can turn parts around in 24 hours – without sacrificing quality. Our customers rely on us because we get the job done to meet their specific requirements, every time.”

Luke Almeida, VP, Business Development
Amy Almeida Prigmore NE Electropolishing VP

“The secret to our success is two-fold. We do one thing and we do it well. The other is that we’re united around one simple goal: to exceed your expectations.”

Amy Almeida Prigmore, VP, Finance and Administration
imad-jaber stainless steel electropolishing manager

“Electropolishing is a science and an art. By combining both, we meet your exact finishing requirements, whether you need one part or 100,000.

Our customers tell us no one does stainless steel electropolishing better.”

Imad Jaber, Operations Manager